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Best Dslr Camera Bag

best dslr camera bag

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The Camera Bag

The Camera Bag

I understand it's more traditional to do this via youtube video, but I haven't got batteries for my Bridge camera, so there's no video recording available to me bar my iSight.

Okay, so I use a Nikon D60. It's a budget DSLR, but with a metal mount, decent viewfinder and a nice low resolution of 10.2mpx (6mpx would be better, but I didn't know about the D70 when I bought it.) I shoot all-manual, which explains my kitbag.

From the left:
~ Nikon Series E 50mm F1.8. It's a fast 'standard' lens from Nikon's low end cameras in the 70's, which naturally outperforms pretty much every other lens they do, like all 50mm F1.8's do. It's a pancake lens, really tiny when mounted on the D60. I prefer the 75mm effective to 50mm effective, for some reason, hence not using a 35mm as a 'standard'.
~ Tamron Adaptall2 24mm F2.5. It's a fastish wide angle, equivalent to a 35mm on a full frame camera. It's got great optical performance, albeit a little low contrast in some lights. It's biggest flaw is flare, which is a shame since I can't find a hood for it. It remains an excellent always-on lens, nonetheless and is fast enough for most environments.
~ Tamron Adaptall2 SP 90mm F2.5 Macro. This has equal quality to the 50mm and fantastic macro performance, being known as one of the best Macro lenses of the film era. It's also a good portrait and telephoto lens, being a 135mm effective length on my D60.
~ Tamron Adaptall2 80-210mm F3.8-F4. This is a stupidly good lens, probably the best zoom lens of the Adaptall range, and then only beaten by the 90mm F2.5 SP. This is at the bottom of a side pocket. I don't use it often, but for wildlife shots and action, it's not half bad for the ?29 I paid for it.

I also have a couple of filters for my 50mm, a few memory cards and the iPad camera kit. I don't exactly travel light, but it does all fit in a shoulder bag, with room to spare for keys, my wallet, glasses, etc. One other thing is that I keep a skylight/1A filter on my lenses all the time. Given that they're all 30+ year old glass, I try to protect them and optimise their colour rendition.



Decided this year for holiday to leave behind my big heavy DSLR and lenses and have some fun returning to a point and shoot rather than carry around big bags. (And yes, coped just with the realisation that I wouldn't be able to do my fave macro bug shots!). I had a really old little lumix which was past its best and well used and thought would be good to upgrade so can have a portable camera with lots of functionality on hand easily and be able to pop it into a bag where ever I go.

I ended up purchasing a 2nd hand Panasonic DMC-LX3 from ebay and also for some fun, I also got a Manfrotto Modopocket stand which was left on the camera throughout the holiday and came in handy lots. (I also got a little gadget that enables you to use a cable release for time lapse photos, but as yet, still not played with that)
An awesome little camera indeed, very responsive and fast. I did miss the viewfinder having to return to using a screen at the back of the camera though!
Overall - a perfect little companion for snapshots. Not a big zoom at all, and very wide, takes great pics in low light too.

best dslr camera bag

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