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Video Camera Mount Car

video camera mount car

    video camera
  • A video camera is a camera used for electronic motion picture acquisition, initially developed by the television industry but now common in other applications as well.

  • The modern CCTV video camera is available in both monochrome (black and white) and color. Cameras can be set in fixed-positions or placed on 'pan-and-tilt' devices that allow the camera to be moved up, down, left and right.

  • A camera for recording images on videotape or for transmitting them to a monitor screen

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video camera mount car - Sticky Pod

Sticky Pod Mini - Car Dashboard Video Camera Surveillance Mount

Sticky Pod Mini - Car Dashboard Video Camera Surveillance Mount

The Sticky Pod Mini can be used for everything from autoX to surveillance. The Mini uses the same suction cups that all Sticky Pod models use and that makes for a very powerful, yet miniature, platform. Whether you want to video your passengers or keep an eye on the traffic around you, the Mini fills this roll at a very affordable price. Do you need additional video surveillance? Take a modern, lightweight, surveillance camera and mount it on a Mini and you create a very secure environment for the public and most importantly, your officers. The Mini can stay in place for many months and requires only a simple cleaning when it needs attention and it's right back to new again. Unsupported (base suspended in air) the Mini can handle cameras up to 1 pound, supported base, up to 2 pounds. Works with all consumer cameras and uses the standard 1/4-20 mounting screw to attach your camera. Fully adjustable tilt base for any angle you need. Made of football helmet plastic, this mount will not break. What you see in the image above is what's in the box. Please be sure to checkout all the Sticky Pod models in our store.

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Videocam mount for car

Videocam mount for car

You can pretty much mount it any where on a flat smooth surface. Glass I think works best but it should be pretty fun for autocross and other stuff as well.

Videocam mount for car

Videocam mount for car

It's a crappy image really but you can see what it would currently look like from the camera's pov

video camera mount car

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